Ojai Spring Car Wash & Lube

11502 N. Ventura Ave, Ojai, CA 93023
Tel: 805-6409923
Fax: 805-2728211
Email: [email protected]
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No machine ever touches your paint surface.  Truly 100% Hand Carwash with
Green Chemical! Spot Free Car Wash! 

Spot Free Deionized water is ideal for vehicle and window washing as it eliminates the time consuming drying process 
and that ensures that residual water won't leave any spots. Chamois, towels and squeegees, no matter how soft, can
impart scratches in a finish affecting the overall appearance of your prized possession.
We also offer full service of oil change. Any oil ch​ange ($39.99 and up) would get a free Outside hand car wash worth $14.99.
The state of the art drainage system at our car wash ensures harmful chemicals do not go into our local storm drainages and water eservoirs. We are the only one which has 7 stage filter tanks comparing 2 or 3 stages at other facilities. All of the harmful waste is pumped with EPA licensed company regularly and strictly controlled by the industrial waste ordinance program. The mobile car washers might iolate the industrial waste laws by pumping the pollutants on the parking lot, thus directly into the environment due to lack of monitor and control system on them.

We are truly 100% hand car wash. No machine ever touches your paint surface!

We use Spot Free Water rinse your car! The water is highly filtered, minerals are removed and spotting is almost non-existent. One gallon spot Free Water is filtered from 3 gallons of city water.

We apply Green Chemical on your car! Green Chemistry: Also known a sustainable chemistry, is a chemical philosophy encouraging the design of products and processes that reduces and/or eliminates the use of hazardous substances. 

We will provide 100% satisfaction guarantee for all of our detail services.

We don't run employees on the clock. We ensure our employees have enough working hours even on slow season.

Our prices of Sespe & Topa Topa Wash are far below the market price. Sespe is equal to $26.99 and Topa Topa is equal to $39.99 car wash at other facilities (use machine) with no spot free water rinse.