Ojai Spring Car Wash & Lube

11502 N. Ventura Ave, Ojai, CA 93023
Tel: 805-6409923
Fax: 805-2728211
Email: [email protected]
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No machine ever touches your paint surface.  Truly 100% Hand Carwash with
Green Chemical! Spot Free Car Wash! 

Spot Free Deionized water is ideal for vehicle and window washing as it eliminates the time consuming drying process 
and that ensures that residual water won't leave any spots. Chamois, towels and squeegees, no matter how soft, can
impart scratches in a finish affecting the overall appearance of your prized possession.
We also offer full service of oil change. Any oil ch​ange ($39.99 and up) would get a free Outside hand car wash worth $14.99.

100% Hand Car Wash
    Matilija Car Wash------------------------------$16.99
           *Floor and Trunk Vacuum
           *Hand Clean Windows
           *Spot Water Rinse
           *Towel Dry
           *Air Freshener
   Sespe Car Wash--------------------------------$19.99
           *Matilija plus
           *Tripe Coat Polish Wax
           *Sealer Wax
           *Tire Dressing
​  Chief Peak Car Wash----------------------------24.99
           *Sespe Plus
           *Console/Dash Board Clean
           *Cup Holder Clean
           *Door Jamb Clean
           *Under Body Wash (By Request)
   Topa Topa Car Wash---------------------------$31.99
           *Sespe plus
           *Interior Dressing 
           *Exterior Dressing
  Interior Platium Car Wash----------------------$44.99
           *Topa Topa Plus
           *Extensive Vacuum!!! (Detail Level)
           *Completely Wipe the whole interior: Door Jambs, Console, Cup Holder, Seats
           *Shampooed Floor Mats up to 4 small size

*$2 extra for Med Suv or Jeep, $3 extra for Truck, Van and SUV etc bigger cars 

Detail Services

  1. Leather Conditioning----------------$69.99
            *Step one: Specially formulated glycerin based soap which contains no solvents
            *Step two: Premium leather conditioner
    2. Upholstery Steam Clean-----------$59.99
            *Heated extractor that pulls up the dirt and grime from the deepest parts of your seats and                 leaves them looking new.
    3. Carpet Steam Clean------------------$59.99
            *Heated extractor used to rid the carpet in your vehicle of dirt and grime.
    4. Carnuaba Hand Wax-----------------$99.99
            *Surface preparation with clay bar followed by a hand applied premium 100% Carnauba                       paste wax.
    5. Interior Detail---------------------------$139.99
            *Including Matilija Wash
            *Shampooed seats, carpets and floor mats;
            *Leather conditioning (if vehicle has leather)
    6. Exterior Detail--------------------------$139.99
            *Step one: Buffing creme removes surface imperfections & brings back faded surface color
            *Step two: Swirl remover with silicone leaving surface smear free and dust resistant
            *Step threee: 100% Carnauba wax applied by hand, designed to protect paint finish against                  nature's harsh elements for 3-6 months
    7. Full Detail--------------------------------$229.99
            *Includes both the interior and exterior details. This is the ultimate treat for your car!
    8. Teflon Finish----------------------------$369.99 & up (depending on vechicle size)
            *This produces a mirror like finish that brings your car back to life. This product is so                               versatile with no need wax your car for a whole year. Includes full interior detail as well.
***Most prices are for small vehicles (two or four doors). Mini Vans and SUV's add up to $20. Full size vehicles add up to $40.
  • Full Service (up to 5 qts)------------------------------------------------------------------------$39.99
  • Full Service W/Castrol GTX (up tp 5 qts)--------------------------------------------------$59.99
  • European Full Service (up to 5 qts)---------------------------------------------------------$45.99
  • Synthetic Full Service- Castrol Syntec or Mobile one (up to  5 qts)--------------$79.99
  • Diesel Full Service (up to 12 qts)-------------------------------------------------------------$79.99
  • ***All above oil change with free Matilija Carwash
  • Labor only-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$34.99
*$4.00 per Extra Quart *$8.00 per Synthetic Extra Quart (over 5 Quarts)
 $6.00 per Extra Quart for Castrol GTX oil
Recycling fee for each oil change: $1.99

Oil Change